WoW Uncut Private Server

Currently i have been working on my own World Of Warcraft Private Server, To play you must download the current realmlist below and put it in your World Of Warcraft folder replacing the old. My Server Supports the latest World Of Warcraft Which Is currently 2.4.2 keep in mind you should not download any later patches released untill i update the server first.

As i do not have a host im sorry to say i have to host the server from my own PC which isnt a bad thing as the connection is 100mbps, but sadly it will only be running when im sitting on, so if my coms off your all off. =(
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Download File

After You have replaced your realmlist file you must create an account at my webpage. The direct ip is you can choose to play burning crusade or original WoW. Please keep in mind that the website is only running when my server is running, so if my server is not online you cannot acces this page or make any accounts. Your accounts will never be deleted from the database even if i shutdown the server, they we will be reloaded on bootup!

Account Creation Page